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John Hawkes Talks about LINCOLN and Picking a Role

John Hawkes at LSFF BallWith the official 2013 Golden Globe Award nominations now available, there’s no doubt critics will continue to talk about John Hawkes. THE SESSIONS grabbed several nominations, including Best Actor in Drama, for which Hawkes will compete against LINCOLN co-star Daniel Day-Lewis.

With his contribution to THE SESSIONS and LINCOLN, Hawkes once again proves he knows how to pick a film. At the 2012 Lone Star Film Festival, the actor spoke with Gary Cogill about his decision process when taking on a project.

“The best way for me to begin any project is for me to say I have no idea how to do this,” Hawkes said. “There’s just a feeling that I would be a person who serves the story well. So, I look for a great script, a role that’s important to the story, and capable story tellers behind the whole thing.”

Hawkes said Tony Kushner’s script for LINCOLN was “one of the best scripts I’ve read in years.” In the interview, he compared the nature of the new political drama with his work in DEADWOOD.

“Mr. Milch was very wise in portraying this microcosm of Deadwood, this lawless, anarchic place, with no rules,” he said. “Basically, underneath the whole of Deadwood was the idea of how culture and the civilization form, how order is achieved, and I feel like that hasn’t changed in thousands of year. It has to do with blood, and grift, and certainly some nobility, but a great deal of backroom, under the table kinds of dealings.”

The Lone Star Film Society presented Hawkes with the LSFF Maverick Award at the 2012 Lone Star Film Festival. The award celebrates those who take on daring roles with a strong commitment to their craft.

Hawkes also talked with Cogill about other roles he’s had in film, as well as his music career. You can see Part 2 of the 30-minute interview here.

You can see Part 1 of Gary Cogill’s 2012 Lone Star Film Festival interview with John Hawkes on our blog and YouTube page. Be sure to look for Part 3 next week.

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